February 2017

Faction Performance

February continued the trend of Chaos, Eldar and Orks fighting it out, leaving the Loyalists well behind. It also saw one and a half campaigns occur during the month. For the first half of the month, Chaos took territory from Eldar and Orks, but then dropped rapidly to a steady rate just above the quarter mark, mostly losing ground against the Eldar and some to the Loyalists. Towards the end of the month, the Orks climbed steadily to dominance, and the Loyalists – having shown signs of a slow improvement – suddenly crashed to the lowest point for February. This appears to be a response to Patch 1.3, delayed by a day. This Patch also affected Eldar slightly, as they dropped to a new stable point. Chaos and Orks were largely unaffected, with Chaos remaining at the level they were at before the patch, and the Orks continuing the rise that began two days prior.


The proportion of players who mostly played Tacticals has increased to above half the players surveyed, but the next three popular classes are unchanged in terms of ranking.  This survey also asked about the role that people preferred, with Ranged clearly being the most popular. Entries of note in the Other category were “I drove a fucking Rhino” and “Shitposting”.  The faction preferences have changed a little, with the Loyalists becoming much more homogenous with a mix of more than 60% Tacticals and over a quarter Apothecaries. Supports have become less popular for Chaos and Orks.

Player Morale

In general, people enjoyed the game in February more than they did in either January or December, and rated the game as enjoyable on average (4/6 or higher). As expected, the guilded players enjoyed it more than the unguilded. On average, Chaos and Loyalists enjoyed the game more than Orks or Eldar, with Chaos getting the most enjoyment in February.

Anti-Infantry roles were fairly well enjoyed, with Striking Scorpion rating the highest closely followed by the Jump Assaults. Banshee was the least enjoyed anti-infantry role. Anti-vehicle was the most enjoyed role, but Firedragons rated the second lowest enjoyed class. The least enjoyed classes overall were the Support Classes and Banshees, both with an average rating of 3.75/6

General Comments

Many of the comments left were complaints about a number of themes:

  • Faction Balance
  • Lack of Team co-ordination
  • Low TTK
  • Patch 1.3 reduced enjoyment especially for Supports




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