Sampling and Bias

The total number of respondents to this survey was 136. Although there is some controversy regarding the exact number of players, I believe is is safe to say it is somewhere in the low thousands, making this as survey of less than 5% of the population. Thus, it is unlikely to be truly representative. In addition, there are at least two biases built into this survey:
Self-Selection Bias: by asking for volunteers, those with something to say are more likely to respond than those who don’t
Sampling Bias: my call for volunteers was placed on the Official Forums and the Steam Forums, and thus only reached those that are active readers of either or both.

In addition, it is obvious that the sample taken is not representative, since the proportion of Loyalist Players that responded is far smaller than we could expect from the known largest faction.

Guilded or Not?

February’s sample is quite different to January’s, with Chaos having more guilded players and Eldar having a much larger proportion of unguilded. The Loyalists remain a strongly guilded faction however.

Faction Split

This is where the non-representative sample becomes obvious, although it is possible that there has been a shift in the population that was sampled (forum goers) as distinct from the general population. In the sample taken, Chaos is by far the most popular, with Loyalists dropping to less than a quarter of the responses. Orks remain the least populous faction

Class Split

The proportion of players who mostly played Tacticals has increased to above half the players surveyed, but the next three popular classes are unchanged in terms of ranking. Jump Assault classes have dropped in popularity, but the question was regarding most played for the entire month of February, so the effect of the most recent patch is not expected to show here.

This survey also asked about the role that people preferred, with Ranged clearly being the most popular. Entries of note in the Other category were “I drove a fucking Rhino” and “Shitposting”. The one person who chose “Harassment” was not a Swooping Hawk as expected but a Traitor Tactical. No Swooping Hawks responded.

The third question regarding class was about PvE, where things were fairly evenly split between Heavies, Support and Tacticals, but leaning more towards Heavies and Support.

46.5% of players surveyed said that they don’t play PvE, and only 22% of the players surveyed played any PvE in the past month.

The faction preferences have changed a little, with the Loyalists becoming much more homogenous with a mix of more than 60% Tacticals and over a quarter Apothecaries. Supports have become less popular for Chaos and Orks.

Campaign Completion

This question allowed for multiple answers, so the total is more than 100%. 61.8% of all respondents complete their campaigns on Chaos, but only 52% manage it on Eldar


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