Faction Performance

Feb Faction Performance.jpgFebruary continued the trend of Chaos, Eldar and Orks fighting it out, leaving the Loyalists well behind. It also saw one and a half campaigns occur during the month. For the first half of the month, Chaos took territory from Eldar and Orks, but then dropped rapidly to a steady rate just above the quarter mark, mostly losing ground against the Eldar and some to the Loyalists. Towards the end of the month, the Orks climbed steadily to dominance, and the Loyalists – having shown signs of a slow improvement – suddenly crashed to the lowest point for February. This appears to be a response to Patch 1.3, delayed by a day. This Patch also affected Eldar slightly, as they dropped to a new stable point. Chaos and Orks were largely unaffected, with Chaos remaining at the level they were at before the patch, and the Orks continuing the rise that began two days prior.

Similar to the January results, Eldar were much stronger in the second half of the month, maintaining an overall positive balance even with some negative balances against one or two factions at a time. The increase in performance appears to coincide with the beginning of the second campaign. They have consistent gains against the Loyalists and the Orks all month, with their most common territorial losses being to the forces of Chaos. The overall performance rating for Eldar is +38 Territory Days, a small drop from +44TD in January but remaining in close second place to Chaos.

The Orks had a very mixed month, with both high and low points. They performed best against the Loyalists, with only two days where they were not at a positive balance, and never losing ground at all. They were consistently at a deficit to one or both of the Eldar and Chaos. The Orks too have had a slight drop in performance, dropping five points from +37 to +32 Territory Days

Chaos performed the best in terms of Territorial balance, with half the months days at a positive balance against all three enemy factions. They spent most of the time holding Loyalists territory, but were more mixed against Eldar and Orks. The second half of the month was weaker, with the balances against the Xenos factions being much closer to even across the board. Chaos overall performance has dropped the most, going from 54 Territory Days to +42.5TD

The Loyalists had a very poor performance in February, with only four separate days with a positive balance against any faction. Although they reached parity across the board on one day, they had several spikes into very low territorial holdings. On a positive note, their overall performance as improved markedly at the expense of the other factions, rising to (still negative) -112.5 Territory Days, an increase of 23 over January’s -135.5TD.


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