General Comments

Many of the comments left were complaints about a number of themes:

  • Faction Balance
  • Lack of Team co-ordination
  • Low TTK
  • Patch 1.3 reduced enjoyment especially for Supports

Several nice comments about me, with the exception of one twat who commented on my odour – you know who you are. (Hint: it’s Dong)

Some comments worth pulling out:

“Would have loved to play PvE, but you can’t just jump into it.”

“Past 2 patches have been great, keep up the good work, word of advice the minority sometimes can get really vocal more so than the majority asking for changes that can ruin the fun for the many, devs should listen to “feedback” with a bit of salt one person complaining is nothing 100 is something.”

“Since the 1.3.X haven’t played much my friend who I played with has stopped since his sorcerer is so frail now. At this rate not sure how long I will stick around. Seems that BE is handing the game to the LSM on a platter they just don’t have a good player base, but those few players that can use the over powered gifts given to them just saps all the joy out of playing.”

“This game needs to be more slower pace and more tactical.”

“The dev team could use someone collecting opinions on balance, perhaps you could investigate doing that on occasion?”

“This patch was good. People need to realize that tacticals (and their equivalents) make for a better meta than support + JPA spam.”

“If F2P brings in players and an oceanic server like they say it will, I might actually change my review.”

” I’m so fucking tired of seeing no coordination in almost every team I see. If we win it’s because the other team is worse than ours not because we’re better.”

“holy crap eldar die so fast”


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