January 2017

Faction Performance

January saw the Eldar, Chaos, and Orks fighting it out for dominance of Arkhona, while the Loyalists highest peak never reached a quarter of the map.  The campaign followed a similar pattern, with the Eldar dominating for the duration, Chaos holding steady and then rising towards the end,  the Orks gaining slightly and then dropping off suddenly, and the Loyalists having a brief rise at the end of a low but steady week.  Compared with December, Orks, Chaos and Eldar were much more even in their performance, and noticeably higher.  Chaos in particular was very consistent, and held more than a quarter of the map for the whole month.


Just under half the respondents were in a Guild. Loyalists and Orks were roughly evenly split, but noticeably more Eldar were guilded, and Chaos were the reverse the trend with just over 60% of them not guilded. When it came to class, the following were more likely to be in a guild: Support, Fire Dragon, Striking Scorpion, Swooping Hawk. Notably, 75% of both Fire Dragons and Swooping hawks were in a guild. More likely to be unguilded were: Ground Assault, Jump Pack Classes, and Tacticals by a small margin. Heavies were equally likely to be guilded or not.

Once again, the Tactical classes are the most played, but the proportion has increased by nearly 10 percentage points – it is now close to half the player population. The proportion of Support Classes has remained the same, but they are now the second most played, up from third. Ground Assault has likewise moved up a rank, but with a drop in proportion compared with December. Most of shift towards Tactical seems to have come at the cost of the Heavies (-9.1 percentage points), but there has also been a drop in the Jump Assault classes (-4.3 percentage points.

All factions favour their Tactical equivalent classes, Loyalists more so than the others. Support and Ground Assaults are the next most popular, though the Orks reverse the order of preference and Eldar have the smallest proportion of Support. Heavies and Jump Pack classes are the least favoured amongst the Loyalists, Orks and Chaos. The Eldar have a fairly even split amongst their non-tactical classes, but Banshees are least favoured and Striking Scorpions the most.

Player Morale

The enjoyment of the game for the unguilded portion of the respondents is not that different to what was seen in the December survey: most people enjoy the game, rating their enjoyment as a 4 out of 6 or higher, but there was a noticeable amount who rated their enjoyment poorly. The ability to split enjoyment by guild thought, illuminates the difference between guilded and unguilded play. The guilded players not only rated their enjoyment higher, but the “rage inducing” tail almost disappears.

General Comments

It was good to see some new players having their say in this survey.  The themes of this month’s general comments were:

  • Latency remains a problem for many
  • The Pugging experience is disliked, especially:
    • playing as LSM
    • playing against pre-mades
  • Perceived Balance issues – a number of comments regarding LSM being weak in particular.

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