Faction Performance

Overall Performance


January saw the Eldar, Chaos, and Orks fighting it out for dominance of Arkhona, while the Loyalists highest peak never reached a quarter of the map.  The campaign followed a similar pattern, with the Eldar dominating for the duration, Chaos holding steady and then rising towards the end,  the Orks gaining slightly and then dropping off suddenly, and the Loyalists having a brief rise at the end of a low but steady week.  Compared with December, Orks, Chaos and Eldar were much more even in their performance, and noticeably higher.  Chaos in particular was very consistent, and held more than a quarter of the map for the whole month.

Performance by faction

Once again, the Eldar had a mixed performance early in the month, with Chaos giving them particular trouble and inconsistent performance against both Orks and Loyalists holding them back.  In the second half of the month, however, the Eldar had consistent wins against all factions, and especially the Loyalists.  This tailed off in the last week, allowing Chaos to eclipse them in territories held.  This drop started about the same time that Eldar completed their Campaign Objective, and the matching rise in Chaos and Loyalists but not Orks suggests that some Eldar players switched to those two factions once they were done winning for the Eldar.  The Overall Performance for Eldar is +44 Territory Days, an increase of 36 over their December performance but not enough to retain their lead, coming in second to Chaos.

The Orks, too, were consistent winners against the Loyalists, with only 4 days of not having a positive territory balance against them. They fared reasonably well against the other two factions early on, but the end of them month saw the greenskins go into a decline as they started to lose more often against Chaos and Eldar, propped up only by their continuing success against the Loyalists. Overall though, their performance has increased, going from 0 Territory Days to +37.

Chaos has done much better this month than the last, winning consistently against all factions. Apart from a couple of days where the Eldar pushing heavily into Chaos territory, the Orks have fared the best against Chaos, making some inroads into their territory on not quite a third of the days in January. On only three days did the Chaos Territorial balance drop as far as 0. Their long term performance has benefited from such consistency, and has now risen more than 50 Territory Days over the December value, to 54 Territory Days.

As described previously, the Loyalists performed very poorly this month, with only five days of positive balance against any one faction, and only a single day of combined positive territorial balance. Although they once again were least worst against Chaos, Eldar and Orks were able to push them back significantly most of the time. In the last few days, they were able to capitalize on the weakening Orks to regain some measure of control, but still not to a positive balance. Their performance continues to drop, and has now fallen 123 points from December to -135.5 Territory Days.


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