General Comments

It was good to see some new players having their say in this survey.  The themes of this month’s general comments were:

  • Latency remains a problem for many
  • The Pugging experience is disliked, especially:
    • playing as LSM
    • playing against pre-mades
  • Perceived Balance issues – a number of comments regarding LSM being weak in particular.

Some comments that weren’t part of the themes above were worth pulling out:

Lots of “WAAAAAGH!!!”, even from Eldar players

“Happy campaigns bring more players in, not sure if it’s good enough for player retention”

“I’m playing EC daily, can’t stay away from this game :)”

“Would like to see more options for multiple factions, multiple roles, etc. Variety vs. focus.”

“Game is slowly improving but still leaves much to be desired. Critical areas are as follows: tutorial, story, latency. These are all missing and frankly are required for a game to be successful. The general lack of the first two areas is greatly harming the replayability of this game. The latency is also a key issue, but at least that is being worked on.”

“They’re making good progress. The game is a lot more enjoyable since they brought Plasma Cannons in-line. At least with a Power Fist one-hit kill you needed to have not been paying attention.”

“Game needs more immersion regarding the maps/objectives, Everything is very static.”

“The game at it’s core is fun but there is still a lot of bugs and balancing to work through so I’m hopeful that the game will be much better in the future.”

“Been enjoying the game greatly, must have added 90+ hours from late december 2016 till now. Sales have brought in more players and better performance has allowed my friends with lesser videocards to join in the the mayhem. Loving it.”

“Less of a rage and more of a boredom setting in, though the campaigns helped with motivation to play.”

“You gotta run with a guild if you want the game to be truly fun.”

“First month I’ve been playing, but I enjoyed it a lot.”

“bE need to add content to the guilds so there is more reason to gather warparties”


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