Player Morale

The enjoyment of the game for the unguilded portion of the respondents is not that different to what was seen in the December survey: most people enjoy the game, rating their enjoyment as a 4 out of 6 or higher, but there was a noticeable amount who rated their enjoyment poorly. The ability to split enjoyment by guild thought, illuminates the difference between guilded and unguilded play. The guilded players not only rated their enjoyment higher, but the “rage inducing” tail almost disappears.

When looking at the breakdown per faction, there are some changes from December. Chaos is now enjoying the game noticeably more, with a more even split and a disappearance of the “Rage inducing” rating. Eldar are also enjoying things more: although they retain a “rage inducing” component it has halved, and their overall ratings are much more weighted towards the 4 or higher bracket. Orks now have a “Great fun” rating, but their “Rage inducing” component has increased. On balance, they seem to be enjoying things about as much as in December but with more of a spread across the spectrum. The Loyalists have become much more even in their enjoyment of the game, the previous spike at “4” dropping back but seeing the introduction of a “Great fun” component.


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