March 2017

Faction Performance

March saw a narrowing of the spread between the factions, but the general rankings amongst them have largely remained unchanged.  The Loyalists slowly improved, surpassing the Eldar briefly, but remain the underdogs.  The Eldar have been at all levels compared to the other factions, and spent about half the time below a quarter of the territories, but are still holding strong at the end of the month.  Chaos has had the most even of performances, mostly just above the 24-territory mark.  Although the Orks have come down in total territories, they have maintained their dominance for most of the month.


This survey allowed for multiple faction selections, and each respondent was classified according to their most preferred faction. A tie was classified as “Multiple factions”. Once again, the preference for the Loyalist Space Marines is clear, but this last month has seen a relative rise in popularity of the Orks, to match that of the Eldar. However, both Xenos factions are a smaller proportion of the total respondents, possibly due to the “Multiple factions” option. As can be seen, a reasonably large proportion of the respondents never play at least one faction.


Most players seem to have Intel/Nvidia systems, and are running with specifications superior to those listed on Steam. Probably related to that, is the high proportion of players who experience more than 40 FPS, just over 2/3. Most players run with something between 50 – 150ms of latency, but nearly 30% of them have more than that (proportion sums to more than 100% due to allowing multiple selections).

Player Morale

Overall, the players enjoyment of the game has centralised slightly compared to previous surveys, with fewer respondents reporting enjoyment scores at the extremes.  The overall average enjoyment rating was 4/6, just over the “positive’ threshold.  Differences by Faction, Class, or role are not clear other than a two-tiered distinction between Multiple Roles/Ranged/Healing vs Melee/Harassment/Anti-vehicle.

Player Preferences

When it comes to the maps, the ones that are most hated by the players are the Fortresses, with no other clear pattern for the rest. The two Hold the Line maps are rated high and low for most hated. Most maps are equally disliked by all factions, but it’s worth noting that Harkus and Pegasus is more disliked by the Loyalists than the other factions, and Chaos has the greater antipathy for Maggon.

Each faction thinks that they are the most underpowered, but all factions except for Loyalists agree that LSM is the most overpowered. The Orks are a mild exception to the trend, perceiving themselves as the most overpowered after the Loyalists.  The most important thing to most players is having fun, with a well balanced match and being able to reply in your teammates also being very important. Winning itself did not rate highly.



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