Faction Performance

March saw a narrowing of the spread between the factions, but the general rankings amongst them have largely remained unchanged.  The Loyalists slowly improved, surpassing the Eldar briefly, but remain the underdogs.  The Eldar have been at all levels compared to the other factions, and spent about half the time below a quarter of the territories, but are still holding strong at the end of the month.  Chaos has had the most even of performances, mostly just above the 24-territory mark.  Although the Orks have come down in total territories, they have maintained their dominance for most of the month.

Performance by Faction

Eldar had a mixed performance in March, with both wins and losses against all three enemy factions, and peaks and troughs of overall territorial control. That said, their performance against the Loyalists tended to be on the positive and that against the forces of Chaos was in the negative more often. Against the Orks, they tended to only deviate from even ground by one or territories at most, or remained even.

The Orks had a very even performance in March, and only had two days of non-positive balance overall. They also had only a single day where they did not hold ground from the Loyalists, and five against Chaos. Eldar gave them a bit more trouble, spending nearly half their days with a small negative balance against them.

Chaos had and even more tumultuous March than the Eldar, oscillating around the zero balance mark on roughly a weekly basis. They were most consistent against the Loyalists, most commonly holding 1-3 of their territories, but were not able to make such headway against either Xenos factions.

With the exception of only three days, the Loyalists maintained a negative balance for all of March, but constantly improved. Most of their gains came at the expense of the Eldar, particularly towards the end of the month, but they showed little improvement against the Orks.


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