Player Preferences

When it comes to the maps, the ones that are most hated by the players are the Fortresses, with no other clear pattern for the rest. The two Hold the Line maps are rated high and low for most hated. Most maps are equally disliked by all factions, but it’s worth noting that Harkus and Pegasus is more disliked by the Loyalists than the other factions, and Chaos has the greater antipathy for Maggon.

The most liked maps are, once again, Olipsis and Pegasus with a surprise Agnathio coming in at third most liked. Most interestingly, Loyalists are the greater portion of those who like Pegasus (as well as disliking it more). While their population makes them count for more votes, most other maps are roughly even.

By combining “Liked” votes with negative “hated votes”, we get a clearer picture of map preferences, with the Fortresses coming a clear last, except for Maggon, which is equally disliked.  With this chart, it becomes apparent that there is a rough correlation between map enjoyment and map size, perhaps because many of the popular online shooters favour small arena style maps.

When it comes to perception of underpowered or overpowered factions, the following charts almost speak for themselves. Each faction thinks that they are the most underpowered, but all factions except for Loyalists agree that LSM is the most overpowered. The Orks are a mild exception to the trend, perceiving themselves as the most overpowered after the Loyalists.

Most people are focusing on Survivability builds, with flexibility being nexy most common with the exception of Orks, who prefer damage, as do those that play multiple factions. Looking at preferences by class did not show many exceptions to this rule, except that Ground Assaults prefered damage, and Striking Scorpions and Swooping Hawks preferred Flexibility.

The most important thing to most players is having fun, with a well balanced match and being able to reply in your teammates also being very important. Winning itself did not rate highly. Most of the “Other” category is some variation on these themes. In terms of the future, most players see Optimisation, Lag/Latency, and Faction Balance is the things in greatest need of fixing. BY far the greatest reason people keep playing is the WH40K franchise, and the ability to play Orks or Eldar in it, while many are playing due to guild/friends, or are hoping for the gameplay to expand.


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