May 2017

Sampling and Bias

The total number of respondents to this survey was 216. Although there is some controversy regarding the exact number of players, I believe is is safe to say it is somewhere in the low thousands, making this a survey of less than 5% of the population. Thus, it is unlikely to be truly representative. In addition, there are at least two biases built into this survey:
Self-Selection Bias: by asking for volunteers, those with something to say are more likely to respond than those who don’t
Sampling Bias: my call for volunteers was placed on the Official Forums and the Steam Forums, and thus only reached those that are active readers of either or both.

Always remember that the conclusions drawn here are based on the sample taken, so may not be true of the whole population.

Faction/Class Split

As expected, the Loyalists dominate the population, with Chaos and Eldar as the next choices and Orks clearly the least favourite. Tactical classes now comprise literally half the population, with Supports and Ground Assaults the only other classes above 10%, although the Eldar specialists do make it over the threshold if combined.

Guilded or Not?

Once again, Chaos follows their namesake and largely eschews being guilded, and the Orks followed a similar bent this month. The Eldar and Loyalists reverse last months trend and more likely to be guilded. Another consistent metric is that those who are guilded rate their enjoyment of the game higher, and May has the clearest difference yet: the guilded players weight much more heavily to the higher ratings, while the unguilded follow a more normal distribution.


The Loyalists are the least experienced faction by a small margin, but have the highest outliers. Their greatest proportion of players that responded have less than 100 hours experience, nearly a third have less than 200, and more than half of them have less than 400 hours. They have a clear preference for Tacticals, moreso than the other factions, but at the cost of Supports, Heavies, and Melee – they field the lowest proportion of these classes and roles. They do, however, field the greatest proportion of Anti-vehicle roles at 10%.

Performance wise, the Loyalists continued their trend of negative balances across the board, with the exception of the 10 days that cover the period of their campaign. After this was done, they quickly returned to form.


While Chaos certainly has a number of less experienced players, but their largest proportion of respondents had between 100 and 200 hours in game, and the drop-off is somewhat flatter than the Loyalists. Like all factions, they prefer Tacticals, but they have the highest proportion of Ground Assault and Support classes. They follow the Loyalists in having a low proportion of Heavies, but field fewer JPAs. Role wise, they field the greatest melee proportion of the factions, but the least amount of people playing the anti-vehicle role.

With regards to performance, they have done mostly well but have declined slighly over the month. They were pushed into the negative during the Loyalists Campaign, with only making gains against the Orks.


Once again the Eldar live up to their lore and are the most experienced players. They have a large proportion of players at both the 200 and 400 mark, and another peak at 600. It’s only after this that the frequency drops off. With more classes to spread around, they have the lowest proportion of Tacticals, but similar proportion of Supports to the Orks and Chaos. If the Banshee, Striking Scorpion, and Ground Assault responses are combined, the Ground Assault role is nearly as large as Chaos. The Eldar also have the largest proportion of Heavies by a small margin over the Orks. Role-wise they have the most healers and harassers but the least ranged – less than half.

They have performed consistently well over the course of the month, especially against the Orks. The only period of any kind of consistent loss was during the Loyalist campaign, but they held onto their gains against Orks and Chaos.


The Orks have a similar experience profile to Chaos, with the expected concentration of less experienced players but more with <200 hours experience than <100 hours. Like all factions, they prefer Tacticals, but show an unexpectedly high proportion of Support – not any different to Chaos or Eldar, and noticeably more than the Loyalists. They are second only to Chaos in their melee proportion, and field almost as much as anti-vehicle as the Loyalists do.  One poor grot listed his role as “whatever i can do while the rest of my team does jack shit”

The Orks have had a very poor month, worse even than the Loyalists. They have had a negative overall balance throughout May, and only a very few days with a positive balance against any faction.

General Comments

The themes of May were:

  • Overall morale is low – more comments were complaints than usual
  • Campaigns were unpopular
  • Matchmaker issues
  • X is/isn’t OP, usually Eldar
  • Stale or limited gameplay
  • People leaving Orks

Particular comments of note were:

“Game needs maps, more content and a proper meaningfull territory conquest campaign. Core mechanics need work but giving content first would distract from the problems and the game is great fun to play in a group. lack of content means people are losing interest as things become extremely repetitive.”
“Match starting with 5 player difference on xenos is rage inducing.”
“God damn that campaign being won in the last hour. A lot of us knew it to be a feel-good bar that was gonna complete anyway but it was good to see every marine in game give it his all for a difference of 3 dollary doos.”
“LSM campaign was bad, all i have to say.”
“I would have chosen 4 or 5 in the last question [Ed. Game Enjoyment] if it werent for the LSM campaign that made me wait forever for every single match”
“Business as usual but there’s always everyone abusing tactics and gear. I’m seeing an all time high in combi/stormbolters and greater numbers of stalker bolters even on apothecaries. Eldar is always the same cheese tactics that only work on the new players so its easy to predict their behavior and eliminate them. Orks have become overall weaker in player skill and do the same as eldar and become easy to read. Chaos is much like LSM win and lose with the occasional vet carrying the team. Every faction unfortunately suffers from sore losers and sore winners and the occasional dumb ass at the garrison. All I can say is that we need more players. I play all factions by the way and all I want is a relic pack. That too much to ask for.”
“Orks feel terrible. I’ve avoided playing them the last bit as have most of my guild. I’m not lead belchas, I’m waaagh boys.”
“fuck the matchmaking.”
“I havent had a game against Orks in ages… Then again I havent wanted to play as Orks for ages…”
“I didn’t really play for long this month. EC needs new content NOW”
“I’m about to leave the project because Eldar is getting weaker with every patch.
For other faction I play is not interesting”
“I’m really concerned with Matchmaking.”
“Space marine ….. space marine everywhere”
“Maybe needs a few balance tweaks here and there, needed so far so good.”
“Matchmaker killed the game this month. Unplayable b/c 10v5 matches against Eldar. Taking a break until this is fixed (or the Eldar campaign starts).”
“I always enjoy playing with my brothers and serving Chaos some hot bolter rounds. Great fun despite the queues.”
“90% of the enjoyment just comes from it being 40k, for me. If it wasn’t 40k I don’t think it would have survived this long given it’s state.”
“Pugs will be a death of this game, cause they don`t know how to give or obey order, and then they bitch about balance.”
“Can the dude trying to make good game into a bad thing stop. gg is a sign of good sportsman ship not a bad thing. I play against a group that was ork number but they stuck around to the end, so i personally thanked these orks. Not by saying gg but thanks for them sticking around to the end. For it truly was a good game due to them sticking around to the bitter end when it would of been easier to quit. They have earned a gg. For being very sportsman like and honorable players. I would play with or against them any time. For they have earned my respect.”
“LSM campaign is the only reason I played LSM most recently, and I was really forced to be AV due to PUGs lacking the adaptability to do it”
“Got tired of how slow ork updating is taking and of current melee. Leaving till next big patch”
“Thanks for the reports mate” [Ed. No worries mate!]


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