Arkhona War Report Week 33

Like the other two single faction campaigns, this week saw a surge from the Loyalists at the cost of the other factions, but especially the Orks and less so the Eldar. The territorial rankings as of now are: LSM: 34.9% ( +13.0) Eldar: 26.6% ( -1.0) Chaos: 23.4% ( -3.2) Orks: 15.1% ( -8.9)


Arkhona War Report Week 32

This week saw the second part of the Chaos Campaign, and the attendant domination of the map.  The Eldar held them off the best, and they weakened against the other factions as the week progressed.  The territorial rankings as of now are: Eldar: 27.6% ( +6.2) Chaos: 26.6% (-12.5) Orks: 24.0% ( +1.6) LSM: 21.9% ( +4.7)

Ronan added to Map Guide

I've finally gotten around to adding Ronan to the Map Guides.  It's still missing an in person image to help with recognition, but you can find the page here.

Arkona War Report Week 31

This week saw the start of the Chaos campaign, and the expected crushing of the other factions. The Eldar have made the best counter-offensive, but all three opposing factions are clearly in the negative balance compared to Chaos. The territorial rankings as of now are: Chaos: 39.1% (+15.1) Orks: 22.4% ( -7.8) Eldar: 21.4% (-4.1) LSM: 17.2% (+3.1)

Arkhona War Report Week 30

This week saw the end half of the Ork campaign, and their decline once it was over is clear.  All three opposing factions benefitted from this, but the Loyalists the most, regaining 5 average territories.  The territorial rankings as of now are: Eldar: 29% (+3.5) Chaos: 27% (+3.0) Orks: 23% (-7.2) LSM: 21% (+0.7)

Arkhona War Report Week 29

This week saw the first Faction Campaign (for the Orks), which has upset the expectations for all the factions. The Orks saw a massive increase in population which resulted in large territorial gains, but this effect weakened shortly after the campaign was completed and the other factions are beginning to retake their territory. While the Loyalists were completely unprepared for the onslaught, the Eldar have been slightly better able to deal them than Chaos, but have recovered slightly slower. The territorial rankings as of now are: Orks: 30.2% (+3.1) Eldar: 25.5% (-5.8) Chaos: 24.0% (+0.6) LSM: 20.3% (+2.1)

Arkhona war Report week 28

This week saw Campaign 5 play out, with the Eldar dominating both the map and the campaign, but the Orks hanging onto their TD30 lead. The Loyalists have returned to form, and Chaos has continued to slump. The territorial control rankings as of now are: Eldar: 31.3% (-1.0) Chaos: 23.4% (+1.5) Orks: 27.1% (+1.1) LSM: 19.8% (-1.6)

Arkhona War Report Week 27

This week has seen the Eldar surge forward to dominate the map, while Chaos has weakened significantly and Orks struggle to hold onto their historical lead. The Loyalists too, have fallen back, right when they were showing signs of improvement. The territorial control rankings as of now are: Eldar: 32.3% (+6.3) Orks: 26.0% (-1.0) Chaos: 21.9% (-4.1) LSM: 19.8% (-2.2)

Arkhona War Report Week 26

This week saw the Eldar continue their downwards trend, as their performance begins to mirror the Loyalists - but hope remains for them as their TD7/TD30 may yet stabilise. Meanwhile, The Orks continue to dominate, but appear to have peaked. Chaos is has a similar stabilisation, but at a lower performance than the Orks. The territorial balance as of now is: Orks: 27% (-0.1) Chaos: 26% (-0.5) Eldar: 26% (+3.1) LSM: 22% (-2.5)

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